Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Search and Research #5

This actually happened to me...it didn't resolve as nicely as this, but a man asked me to get one of our female librarians so he could ask her to type a paper for him!!! I mean, he was a nice old guy but...anyway, enjoy!


Ruth said...

Once I was standing in the library when one of our patrons who had issues learning to use his "inside voice" started loudly lamenting that there was no place on campus where he could go to get his papers typed. So, I volunteered to do so, and he paid me twice the hourly rate that I was getting to work in the library (as a student worker). It turned out to be a pretty good deal for me :)

Eli Moody said...

Really? wow, that's pretty awsome!

The Mushroom said...

I typed papers for a guy for two years. And when I say "typed" I mean "wrote them, despite not having any of the course he did -- I was computers, he was socialwork -- and basically put this guy through college." But for $50 a paper it got me through college too. :)