Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Search and Research #89

It always feels good to get one of these strips done, especially when I've been putting it off unnecessarily. I spent most of my weekend, and my evenings this week, playing video games with my wife and losing track of time. Here's a tip for you aspiring artists out's hard to feel creative with a video game calling your name (especially if you have to sit on a very comfortable couch to play said video game, which happens to be my situation). But, I managed to overcome my propensity toward laziness and get this strip done. Next one is a color strip, so we'll just have to see how long that takes! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Search and Research #88

It feels good getting this strip up each week. I wanted to try to get this one done yesterday, but watching the Packers lose to the Giants (talking football here for those of you who may not know...) really sort of ruined the rest of my evening artwise; I just couldn't seem to find any creativity in me the whole rest of the night.

It was good to get to some of our other characters as well. I really like drawing all of our characters (except Randall, whose first appearance is the only time I've drawn him well) and the past few strips have mainly been SCOM and Marc. And Wai Fai too I guess.

Having scanned this in, my first thought was, "Look at all those Jelly Bellies. That must be at least $50 worth!" Stuff I don't really think about when I'm drawing the strip. Anyway...Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Search and Research #87

Welcome to the first strip of the new year!!! The new year is a time to reflect on our lives, make changes to our habits, routines, and in some cases, personalities. :0)

I am starting to try some new things with my pen and ink technique. As these strips go along I'm going to try to drop in some backgrounds and things behind our characters that, while being unobtrusive, will hopefully work to fill in the blank spaces. For instance, I liked how #86 came out, but I can't help but look at it now and notice all the blank white space behind Marc and Wai Fai. I usually don't draw backgrounds because they tend to clutter up the main action (at least my backgrounds do) but I think I need to branch out. So get ready. See you next week. Enjoy!