Monday, April 20, 2009

Search and Research #122

You know, I wish I could make strips like this all the time. This punchline is based on the ending of an actual conversation I had with my buddy Jason (who is a real life computer programmer) one day, whereupon I immediately wrote it down for future use. I was trying to figure out how to work that line into a strip tonight, and suddenly realized that Bo√ľk reminded me of Max Headroom, who at one time had a tv show but who I remember from the ads for New Coke back in the 80's, so that kind of turned into a second joke for people who remember obscure tv characters. Anybody else remember Max Headroom?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Search and Research #121

Delivered, as promised. I love it when these strips write themselves, and this is pretty much a verbatim transcript of an interchange I had with a girl at the desk. I've sometimes seen people at a restaurant say "Surprise me!" to a waiter when they can't decide what they want to eat, but it somehow loses its charm at the service desk. Enjoy!

Quick update....

I just want to send out a quick update here...I was hoping to get a strip up this past Sunday, but between the Easter holiday and a surprise visit from the in-laws tonight I just wasn't able to finish it. Strip #121 is penciled and partially inked so I'll have it up on Tuesday night. Mark your calendars!!!

- Eli