Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Search and Research #121

Delivered, as promised. I love it when these strips write themselves, and this is pretty much a verbatim transcript of an interchange I had with a girl at the desk. I've sometimes seen people at a restaurant say "Surprise me!" to a waiter when they can't decide what they want to eat, but it somehow loses its charm at the service desk. Enjoy!


Rmoods said...

Computers are computers, right? What's the big deal? :o)

Angie said...

Great use of the gray markers for shading in this one while keeping your black-and-white feel.

Also, hilarious. To avoid that problem at my library, we loan mac laptops that also run windows and the users choose themselves at the login screen. But we warn them that OSX is faster because Windows has less memory allotted to it. In my experience with this, they look at me like I've got an extra head and then choose Windows. Five minutes later they ask me how to right-click.


Eli Moody said...

Thanks Angie! Having the option of two different operating systems would cause some of our students to spontaneously combust, but that's a cool solution to the problem of PC people having to use an iBook. I grew up in a PC only family, so it has really taken me a long time get any degree of comfort with a Mac.

- Eli