Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Search and Research #11

Alright! Strip number 11, we are movin' here folks! What can I say about this one except that the idea of a destructive library machine strikes me as funny. Enjoy!


The Mushroom said...

The problem is seldom the SCOM not playing along... it's usually the patrons not playing along. (Though SCOM not reading bar codes or patron cards does happen regularly.) People will walk past the machines to a busy desk person to check stuff out because they want the human touch. It's particularly amusing when the desk person then takes the books to a SCOM and runs them through him-/herself. :)

Eli Moody said...

That is very true. We used to have our SCOM right at the desk, and people would still prefer to have us check their stuff out, even though it was quite obvious that we were franticly checking in books or something. However, to be fair, our SCOM was really picky about the checkout proceedure, and if the barcode ran parallel to the spine insead of the top of the book, you were out of luck. I'm glad to see the new generation of machines that are appearing in libraries now.