Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Search and Research #2

So far, the two strips that I've done are based on real questions or incidents that happened in our library. A college research library. I've asked some of the staff to relate interesting or curious incidents or questions and a couple have responded and their stories have been turned into strips. However, I can't always come up with sarcastic responses for Marc (our main character) and when I'm stuck I can usually rely on my friend Jason Watts, which is why his name is in the credits.


lightningbug said...

Hi Jason. I'm a librarian at a school library, and I've had just the same situation! I do like the reply - I think I'll use it next time. I found this comic via Unshelved. Thanks, I'll be checking back.

The Mushroom said...

My wife laughed her tush off when I showed her your comic -- apparently she's had the "dinosaurs that haven't been discovered" question before. :)