Sunday, October 29, 2006

Search and Research #14

Number 14, comin' at ya! As you can see, I just couldn't leave Opal versus SCOM alone. How might Opal fight this new addition to the library? A fun question to answer....Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the strip so far! Here's an unending source of ideas for you: how the staff helps (or hinders?) with Class Assignments from Hell.
My favorite real life example: an 8-minute speech to describe an object without describing its use, in which all sources must be 5 years old or less, and the students cannot use the Internet or an encyclopedia. Of course most of the students wait till the last minute, in keeping with their professor's touching faith that somehow most of the library's collection was purchased after 2001!

Eli Moody said...

You're right, that would make a great strip or two...that happens to us a lot as well! Thanks for the encouraging words, and thanks for reading!