Sunday, January 18, 2009

Search and Research #113

I have to say that this guy was fun to design and draw. I went in a lot of different directions before settling on this one. It's sort of fun to have SCOM in the future, but I still don't know how the future should look. Every time I think about it I just draw a blank (literally!). And...on that bad joke, I leave you to enjoy this strip.


Lance said...

So... does this mean Marc and Wai Fai got together?

Eli Moody said...

One could certainly come to that conclusion...I'll sort of opt out of directly answering by saying that (as with any time traveling) SCOM is experiencing a future that is one of just many possible futures.

The truth is that we thought it would be interesting for SCOM to meet Marc's son in the future, and in a fit of creative brilliance my buddy Jason realized that this future was the perfect place to make a Hi-Fi Record joke, which is a connection I would have never made. Ever. So, yeah, Hai Fai is mainly the result of a joke premise, but it did get us thinking , "Well, maybe it would be cool for Marc and Wai Fai to start dating..."

- Eli