Monday, January 05, 2009

Search and Research #111

Welcome to the new year!! This joke struck me as funny over the holidays and since it was time sensitive I'm interrupting the current story line for it. Enjoy!


gigi said...

Been reading you from the beginning. First time commenting.

Love this comic!

Eli Moody said...

Thanks Gigi! It's always nice to know people are enjoying my work.

- Eli

Angie said...

I like how you used both hatching with black and gray inks for color/shading here. There's definitely a balance to be struck. I liked the pure black-and-white line approach you started with, and I feel like the first couple comics you used the gray inks with you kind went a little overboard with. Like, "Hey, I've got gray markers now. I should use them for EVERYTHING!" Or like a kid with a new toy on Christmas. But they absolutely do have a place in your comic and I feel they add a bit of depth to it because it makes backgrounds easier for you to draw, and hence there are more of them and it's less talking-at-the-desk-because-it-takes-less-time-to-draw-and-isn't-intimidating.

Eli Moody said...

Thanks for your comments Angie. I agree with you; I like this combination of gray and hatching. You're also right that I tend to suffer from the "If you shade one thing you must shade everything" when it comes to this strip. I've always had a tough time picking a light source and shading around it, so I think I overshade to compensate for that. It's also true that I've been setting the strips at the desk a lot recently for the sake of convenience...I'll have to take that into consideration when thinking through strips. Thanks again!

- Eli

Jason said...

Thanks a lot, Gigi! We love to hear when you guys enjoy the strips! And I'm certainly glad to hear that we've got some people that have stuck with us through our.. um.. slow spots :)