Monday, April 21, 2008

Search and Research #97

Why is it that microfiche seems to be in the darkest room of the library? Anybody else feel that way? It's always a little hard to find, it's got those old machines in there. I can't blame SCOM for being a little nervous around those machines. I'm actually in charge of the microfiche and I am frustrated by it to no end. Despite working with it, I never thought about microfiche as a comic strip subject until my mom suggested it to me, so big thanks go out to my mom!

This time around I decided to do the gray tones with pencil. I've hesitated in doing this because pencil sort of smears around easily...but I can't deny that it looks best of all the grays I've tried so far. Enjoy!


Joell said...

I like Ayvee's cassette tape T-shirt. I want one!

Eli Moody said...

Thanks! That was a suggestion from my wife.