Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Search and Research #76

Hey! I'm back! and I think I've finished my big commitments for the summer. It was a real pleasure to get back to drawing this strip, I must say. A big thanks goes out to Jason Watts who took it upon himself to try to keep a little activity going in relation to his blog. If you look back at strip 17, you'll see a picture of his character, TurtleWax, on the wall.

This is technically a color strip, because the markers that I used to fill in the dark areas was a warm gray, which I was using in the hope that it would sort of indicate the transition from the dark of night to the lighter tones of early morning. It's still dark in the library, just not as dark. You get the picture. Anyway, scanning that in as grayscale (which I usually do) made it a cool gray which I didn't like nearly as much. So, its in color to preserve that warm gray. We are nearing the end of this story arc, I promise!! Enjoy!

Oops, I almost forgot. For more information on Gene Roddenberry (who was referenced in the strip) click here.
(Marc is clearly a devout Trekkie)

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