Monday, November 02, 2009

Search and Research #132

Hey! We've got an oversized color strip this week thanks to my good friend and co-writer Jason Watts. We'd written a Halloween strip and Jason pushed me really hard to have it in color. I was hesitant to break the "every 15th strip" tradition that we have rigidly upheld for so long, but once I realized that there were some costumes that sort of depended on a visual cue, I caved and colored the whole thing. This is a super large strip, coming in at 8"x12.5", but for the sake of easier online viewing I've sized it down to about 9"x5.5". Still super large for this strip, although not as large as Optimus SCOM fighting the T-Rex, or Supermarc. So...who are all of our characters dressed up as? They represent a mixture of Jason and my interests, so some will be more difficult than others to figure out. Post 'em up! Let's see who can get them all correctly first. Enjoy!


Karen said...

LOVE the color strips! Loved the characters...looks like it was quite a party :)

Anonymous said...

How embarrassing, I can only come up with a few - and I'm not sure about 1!

The Hal 9000 is very clever, Mr. Spock is obvious, and Trinity is nearly so, Max Headroom is a bit more subtle, and I'm not sure if that's Agent K or Agent J. I suspect Senator Palpatine is there, but don't really count that as a good guess. That leaves 2 I'm clueless on.

Anybody figured them all out?

Agreed, looks to be a fantastic party :)

Eli Moody said...

Thanks Karen! I'm noticing now that my background colors look very much like baked cheese on top of a casserole...mmm...casserole.

@Anonymous - You are correct so far.
Scom - Hal 9000
Marc - Mr. Spock
Wai Fai - Trinity
Bo√ľk - Max Headroom
Opal - MiB
Elsie - Emperor Palpatine

Anyone know the last two?

Anonymous said...

Well here's my guess for one:

Guy Fieri (food network: diners, drive ins and dives)

As to the other...??

Eli Moody said...

Guy Fieri is correct!! As much as I like sci-fi I am also a huge fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Not so much because of Guy, but I like those kinds of little eateries. But, he has a fairly recognizable face and he sort of reminded me of Randall's new look from strip #88 or 89, so I thought it was an interesting choice, and possibly a little bit difficult to figure out. I mean, we can't make all the choices easy, right?

Anonymous said...

Is the last one Lisa Simpson?

Eli Moody said...

Yes it is! Nicely done. Ayvee is dressed up as Lisa Simpson. Alrighty, that's all of them!