Monday, March 30, 2009

Search and Research #120

...And we're back. Thanks to you all who hung in there, patiently waiting for me to get my head around this concept. As a "thank you" I've created an oversized color strip. This takes up the majority of a 8"x19" piece of matte board that my sister-in-law graciously gave to me. I tried coloring this with markers only, and for the most part it worked. There were some things here and there that I sort of wished I could take back, but the main image that this strip started from, Super Marc punching out a virus, turned out pretty well I think. Enjoy!


Thomas Brevik said...

SUPER! We need more librarian superheroes. Supermarc is now my favorite:-)

Angie said...

I think the other reason there aren't too many librarian superheroes is that not too many of us would look all that great in spandex. Think about it.
Love the concept, though.

Eli Moody said...

Good point Angie...true life library superheroes wouldn't really work at all. Thomas, I'm glad you approve! I'll try to think of more uses of SuperMarc. I'll have to try to work out a better costume for him too. I got the pose all sketched out and inked, and then I thought, "I have no idea what colors he should be! And, he should probably have an emblem on his chest."

Jason said...

Well done Eli! It's always fun on strips like this because I don't get to see any of the art until Eli posts the strip. I know what the dialogue is going to be, but it's very different to see the characters too. I love it!

@Thomas Brevik: Yeah man, we'll see what we can do to get Super Marc to pop in from time to time!

Angie: I think if all library staff had to wear spandex it would make them even more interesting places!

Angie said...

if by "interesting" you mean "scary" then yes, I agree with you. There would be a sudden drop in circulation of physical materials and a huge jump in the demand for ebooks and databases. Except in the places where you've got a couple of hot librarians working. Then everyone would come in all the time hoping to get the good-looking one. I'm going to avoid any puns about "checking out" because I'm pretty sure you can use your imagination for that.