Tuesday, June 23, 2009

more sketches...

Sometimes story ideas come to me when I draw the characters in funny ways, such as adding a hat, putting them in a different costume, etc. An example is strip #106 where I drew Marc with long hair, and the picture was very funny to me and sort of spawned this strip. Above is an example of a couple of ways I recently tried drawing Marc, first in a hoodie, and secondly as a secret agent of some kind. The second was also a chance to see what he'd look like with longer sideburns. He certainly looks...different. I'm not sure if I like them longer. Anybody got any other costumes or "looks" they'd like to see on Marc?


Angie said...

Punk rock, with a lot of piercings and tattoos and chains. Actually, better yet, bring Opal back and make her all crazy-punked out or scary secret service! Haha, I don't know, I'm just in a really silly mood, and I think it would be hilarious.

Thomas Brevik said...

You asked for it!
I would love to see Marc in a library battle suit! You know, with a zillion special purpose pockets, mining helmet with light for those slogs into the furthest parts of the stacks, really good knee-pads, tool-belt with all neccesary tools of the trade, netbook, iPhone/PDA, multitool, tough gloves, and the perfect library camuflage for working undisturbed. You got yourself a challenge (and of course tuxedo under the suit for those special occations that sometimes crop up:-))