Monday, November 24, 2008

Search and Research #106

Phew! I think this has been my busiest fall ever! From illnesses to weddings, to helping my wife stay sane while getting a MLS, to doing whatever I can to make a little extra money in this crazy economy I've felt swamped. I can honestly say that all of that created a situation where I didn't have any ideas for new strips and didn't have time to collaborate with my buddy and co-writer Jason (who is also insanely busy). Things look like they're sort of calming down though and Jason and I have been able to chat a little about ideas for new strips so hopefully we'll be able to try to find some regularity in posting. Thanks for reading!


Thomas Brevik said...

Welcome back! You have been missed:-) Great strip (I had long hair a long time ago, so I can relate:-))

Please feel no pressure. We readers appreciate what we get, but understand that part-time-cartoonists cannot create on a schedule. Keep e´m coming, but at your own schedule!

Eli Moody said...

Thanks Thomas! This strip was the result of a little sketch I did and, because I thought it was funny, it sparked the basic idea. I spent about a month trying to think of something funny I could do next and was just dry...and then a little sketch, and here we are. Creating is a strange process. :0)

- Eli

Anonymous said...

Marc's (even) cute(r) with long hair :)

Twas worth the wait!

Karen said...

Eli, Marc looks a little like that intentional?

Anonymous said...

The punchline is too long!!
You should have just had Marc say "I SAID I'D CUT IT!!!"