Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Search and Research #82

It's good to be back to drawing the actual strip again instead of the whole "behind the strip" thing. We've got ideas for the next few strips which is good too. Based on a conversation I had with my buddy Jason, I decided that the hardest part of doing these strips is coming up with a workable idea. Ideas that are funny, and that will play visually, while staying in the context of the world we've established is pretty tough.

I'm also posting the character sketch I did for the guy checking out the book. I usually work out the visual quirks of new characters on a sheet of typing paper before going to the strip. It also allows me to work out any problems before I get to the nice sheet of paper I draw the strip on. I hate messing those up because of something that I could have worked out earlier on crappy paper but didn't. Enjoy!

*P.S.* - Some of you may have noticed that our little image viewer for the previous strips (in the list of links above) has been sort of out of whack for a little while. I've corrected the problem (it was my fault) so that is back up and running. And up to date.

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