Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Search and Research #72

Looking at this one now, I realize that in my haste to lay this strip out and ink it, I drew the figures 3 different sizes. I'll need to pay more attention to the character sizes when they aren't at the service desk. The desk seems to help disguise a lot of size flaws throughout the strips. I hope that doesn't keep you from enjoying this strip.


Anonymous said...

I think every library must have some equivalent of a library gnome. In my library, the books that people put holds on are never where they're supposed to be and the DVDs are always in the wrong cases. Mischievous creature!

Jonathan said...

i thought it was stated in an earlier strip that scom didnt have a power cord. there, see, i just poked a huge hole in your logic.

Eli Moody said...

Hey...just because Elsie didn't know SCOM had a power cord in the earlier strip, doesn't mean he didn't have one. He was hiding it, just like he was hiding his machine guns. Nice try though!! :0)

- Eli