Monday, May 07, 2007

It's been a little while....

Hello, hello, it's been a while since I've posted a strip, and I WILL be posting new ones this week, but I thought I'd pop in and show everyone what I was working on in my absence. The church I attend hosted a 'Spring Marketplace' over this past weekend, and about a month ago, I was invited to share a table by a friend of mine. I accepted, and then realized that I had almost nothing to sell. Thus, all my free time turned into 'art time'.

I work full time at a library, so I had evenings and weekends to do this art. I was also volunteering one night a week for a few hours, and had a couple of regular meetings every week, as well as a second job that takes about an hour every evening, so obviously I didn't have time to do this art and a strip.

Now that the marketplace show is over I thought that I'd post a slideshow of the art I created. You can view it here: Eli's Show Art

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of this art, you can find my email at my website and contact me.

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christoff said...

i like the angel with the mullet.