Monday, August 27, 2012

Search and Research #165

Here, at last, is the big ending of the "SCOM noir" story we've been telling. It took me a good, long time to complete this, but not as long as the last big color strip, and I was much busier this time around, so I still feel pretty good about that. Looking back, I'm not sure that I made it as clear as I could have in these past couple of strips that the propeller thing that was coming out of SCOM's head is a holographic projector, and it projects a shape around him, such as a trash can. I'm not sure how exactly I could have done that better, but anyway, that's what that was.

I had a good time drawing the "SCOM noir" sequences. I've always wanted to learn to draw in that high contrast style, and this was a good project to experiment on. I also really enjoyed drawing him with an "80's action" mustache.

I"m still pretty busy at work and have some family stuff coming up the next couple of weeks, so I'd guess that we're gonna see the next strip mid-September sometime, and pick it up on a weekly basis at that point. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my silly comic strip!

 - Eli


gigi said...

Yeah! A new comic. Love it!

SANTIAGO said...

Cool comic...!!!

Eli Moody said...