Friday, July 13, 2012

A long week...

This has been a pretty tiring week for me, and as a result there will be no new comic strip on Monday. I spent most of my evenings this past week helping with a kids camp by teaching a cartooning workshop for 2nd-5th graders. As you might imagine, it was both fun and exhausting. I'm still recuperating from the experience, and have no energy to draw, well, anything really.

Many of you know that beyond just drawing this comic, I aspire to become an illustrator. I don't really post non-Search and Research art on this blog, but I do lots of other artwork outside of this comic strip. If you would like to see some of it, head over to my Facebook page, Eli's Art Pad where you'll find galleries of my latest watercolor paintings, pen and ink sketches, and little stories. You can also read my non-comic stories, co-written with my co-writer for Search and Research, Jason Watts, and illustrated by me, on my website.

Back in a week!

 - eli

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