Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Search and Research #155

Man, this is only the fifth strip I've posted this year. I can't believe that I still have viewers who are interested in what's happening over here. I'm super grateful to you all though! Thanks so much for sticking with the strip!

This one took a while because we kept changing the script for it. Sometimes the writing for this thing comes easily, and sometimes it requires a lot of rewriting and revising before we're really happy with it. We hope you enjoy!

- eli

In retrospect, now that I've posted it up, I should have added some color to Marc's shirt, because I chose to fully color Elsie's dress. He looks like he's wearing a white shirt....oh well. 


Jason said...

@Eli: Yeah we've been a bit slow from time to time and other times we've cranked them out. All in all we've done 155 strips since about Oct '06. That works out to a little better than 2 a month average... which isn't too shabby, I think! :)

Eli Moody said...

Well, when you say it that way, it's not as bad. I do think about those early days when I was doing 3 a week fondly, but the art wasn't as good and I didn't have as much other art to do then either.

Fcj said...

Ha ha! Nice one.

BlogProNews said...

Yes it's better if Mark's shirt have another color !

Balut said...

quite a unique site. just keep posting :)