Sunday, December 06, 2009

Search and Research #134

Well, between preparations for the Thanksgiving holidays and then throwing my back out while raking the yard the day after Thanksgiving, I haven't had much time to draw the past couple weeks. It happens. At least, it happens to me. :0)

Today's strip is based on an actual interaction one of my co-workers had with a student. In real life, the student had spread all is stuff out on my friend's desk while she had stepped out. He was apparently pretty angry to be asked to move.

The more I try to put in background elements I seem to have to either make them very detailed and risk cluttering up the design and putting in hours carrying the details on through all the panels, or I put in general shapes to sort of seem like background elements and I never know what to do with them. The cross hatching on the background elements this time around was an experiment, and I have to say that it's not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn't know what else to do with it. Oh well. Enjoy!

*Edit - I decided that the cross-hatched background elements in panels 1 and 4 were too confusing and so I just edited them out, and re-uploaded the image. For those of you who are interesting in seeing the old version, here it is:


Thomas Brevik said...

LOL! This must be really common! Happend to me twice at my library. Maybe I should make a poster of this strip and hang it up over the service desk? Or even laminate it on the desk surface itself? Would that work? Nah, probably not:-)

Anonymous said...

I remember this. Thankfully, it never happened to me. My desk was much too cluttered to be of use to anyone. When is that Peabody expansion to 21st ever going to happen?


Angie said...

I get kind of the opposite problem working in a collection within the main library that not everybody knows about. When I'm by myself at the desk, students will walk in and ask, "Is it okay if I come in here?" My answer, "Yes, please! That's what we're here for!"