Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Search and Research #118

Sorry this is up a little late. I had a bunch of art to do last week and this just didn't make the list. I have to admit that as a person who grew up learning the whole "check-in/check-out" terminology for dealing with library books, I was really thrown when I started working at a library and everything was suddenly "charge/discharge." Personally...I still like "check-in/check-out" better. Enjoy!


Lance said...

At good ol' Waggoner, we only use check-in and check-out. When I updated our policy manual, I removed all mention of charging and discharging. Of course, I'm not a professional, so that might get me fired eventually. :-P

Eli Moody said...

Alright Lance! Maybe this'll be a trend that will catch on!

Angie said...

You'd think "discharge" would be checking out rather than in...because they're know, being discharged from the library...and if they've got security strips in them, they're being de-magnetized before they go out.
And whose bright idea was it to change the names of things? I mean, not only would it be annoying to workers, but patrons can only handle so much library terminology before they explode.
Anyway, I'm glad the places around here are still using check-in and check-out. They just make more sense.