Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Search and Research #46

We are back in business! Thanks goes out to the anonymous poster on strip 42 for giving me the idea for this one. My friend Bryan was not only excited to have a technology intuitive cataloguer join the cast, but was delighted to hear him espousing his views on cataloguing as though it were an art form rather than a simply technical task. Not being a cataloguer myself, Bryan is sort of guiding the cataloguing dialogue that appears in the strip.

I love all of your stories, ideas and suggestions and want to invite you all to continue sharing them as we go along. Enjoy!

*Edit* - It has been brought to my attention that our international viewers may not be aware who Paul Shaffer is. Here is an image of the great Paul Shaffer from wikipedia: Picture


lightningbug said...

I'm not an American so help me - what's a Paul Shaffer joke?

BTW there seems to be a problem with the viewer. It doesn't want to go past strip #42.

Eli Moody said...

Hi Lightningbug, thanks for reminding me about the viewer, I've updated it through #45. I think that once I've posted a new strip I'll add the previous one to the viewer.

Paul Shaffer is the leader of David Letterman's band on the Late Show. He's bald and always wears sunglasses. Here is an image from Wikipedia: